Living Rooms and Light!

Enjoy your living room more often!
Living Rooms and Light!

A special place among all the materials used today for home decoration belongs to glass. For many people glass has become a symbol of modern design and advanced engineering. Transparent, delicate, almost unreal, it serves on a par with the most durable materials. Artistic windows may be called the most spectacular products of glass used in the interior.

Today, the traditions of palaces are followed in the manufacturing of modern furniture and products for home decoration. The desire to personalise and bring special comfort to housing has recently led to an increased demand for individual designs of glass furniture and stained glass. Application of stained glass in the interior has no limits and depends only on the imagination of the designer. It has been long used to decorate entrance and interior doors, windows and wall openings, niches, making the architecture and interiors of buildings unique.

The living room is where we come to think, to slow down the world for a second.


Jason Winston George

Unique characteristics of stained glass are particularly interesting for residential interior arrangement. They can decorate a window, keeping its transparency, or make a bright spot, performing the functions of protection from prying gaze. Due to its light transmission property, plane stained glass can serve as an excellent solution for space zoning that does not violate space perception.

It should be noted that only an artistic window is capable of creating a unique atmosphere of light and air. The ability of glass to disperse light, but not to absorb it, provides an opportunity to create unusual colour solutions in the interior. Even the smallest piece of it would not stay unnoticed and will deliver the most ordinary home or office interior from banality.

The classic stained glass is created through long and hard work of several people: an artist, who painted a picture-puzzle, potters, who baked clay forms for each piece, and finally, glass blowers, who casted coloured glass fragments for future art window, which then were bonded together with different alloys. In short, like any other piece of art, each stained glass, was unique, beautiful and very expensive. Nowadays, with the development of glass industry, there are many technologies for fast and relatively inexpensive manufacturing art artistic windows that make it available for interior decoration of any room, from upscale restaurants to the most ordinary apartment. Thus, the latest technology of glass production has significantly expanded the capabilities of functional use of stained glass.

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